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Heather Burness, Stephanie Radok

6 -23 May, 2009

Heather Burness

Shorelines of Belonging - etchings from the Wimmera

I have worked for the past eight years predominantly investigating shorelines - both metaphoric and actual - a site shaped by the political forces of erosion and resistance. Working in the Wimmera has been my initial foray onto dry ancient shorelines - the Millicent Coastal Basin.

I have undertaken two field trips to the region. The first was an overview during which I attended a small conference in Natimuk where ideas around the region's culture were looked back upon and also projected into the future; organised and run by people who had lived there for some time. The other more environmentally and practically based, when I inserted some etching plates into flowing salty groundwater (rising due to land clearance) at Tarranyurk. I marvelled at the changing colours of soils, habitat, vegetation, and culture as I moved through the region. These changes and colours both disguised and revealed the land's history and the history of its peoples- they became for me the colours of belonging.

I made new friends and went back to Canberra to print my plates unsure of what they would tell me of what I experienced. I also took back small soil samples to calibrate my colours - they were like my bearings while walking through the mallee scrub. A local had said that I had to learn to "walk in this country" so I walked through my work steadily keeping my eyes on the ground - much as I did while visiting the Little Desert whilst it was in bloom. Another had said that we as a country looked at the wrong horizon - that the little, the unacknowledged, the marginal and threatened should be what we pay most attention too. I agree with him.

In this series, Journey to the Wimmera, I have worked with the mark of the land itself which comes from the printing plate's direct contact with salty groundwater and acid sands -it's touch. The plates are small, the outlook big.




Journey to the Wimmera/ layers in the sand/ blood #1, etching 2007
Unique multiplate colour etching
From plates etched in salty groundwater flow near Tarranyurk





Heather Burness 
Journey to the Wimmera/ layers in the sand/ blood#1, 2007, detail
etching, unique image
Photo credit: Derek Ross






Heather Burness 
Journey to the Wimmera/ layers in the sand/ bone #1, 2007
detail, etching, unique image
Photo: Derek Ross






Heather Burness
Journey to the Wimmera/ layers in the sand/ bone #2, 2007 
Unique multiplate colour etching
from plates inserted into salty groundwater flow near Tarranyurk
46x105cm framed


Heather Burness

Born: Melbourne 1956, lives and works in Canberra Australia

Master of Philosophy, ANU, School Of Art	
Bachelor of Art (Visual) ANU, Institute of the Arts, School of Art, ACT 
Diploma of Teaching (Art/Craft), Burwood Teachers College, Melbourne


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Warringah Printmakers Studio Sydney, Firestation Print Studio Melbourne, Tresillian Community Centre 
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25x25, 25 years of printmaking at Megalo Access Arts 1980-2005 Grafton, Tamworth, Bega 
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Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan.
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Memorandum High Court of Australia ACT
Canberra Institute of the Arts Show Weswal Gallery, Tamworth, Queensland

Shortlisted Burnie Print Prize, Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania	
artsACT Project funding
(inaugural) CPS Australia Capital Arts Patrons Organisation Award 
Highly Commended Goulburn Art Award
Resident, Printmedia and Drawing Workshop ANU School of Art ACT	
Shortlisted Hazelhurst Art Award, Works on Paper
Megalo Printmaker-in-Residence Megalo Access Arts ACT 		
Post Graduate Materials Award. National Institute of the Arts, School of Art
Artist-in-Residence Experimental Etching Studio, Boston USA 
Invited and made work at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. New York, NY, USA.
Interiors Australia, Australian Construction Services Award
Selected to exhibit, Canson Student Print Award COFA Gallery, Sydney, and APW, 
Selected to exhibit, 9th Mornington Peninsula Print Acquisitive Award

Resident, Printmedia and Drawing Workshop ANU School of Art ACT Australia
Megalo Printmaker-in-Residence Megalo Access Arts Watson ACT Australia
Artist-in-Residence Experimental Etching Studio, Boston USA as part of the National Print 
symposium of the USA Shifting Grounds- The New Terrain of Printmaking. Invited and made 
work at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. New York, NY, USA

The Donald Macpherson Collection of Literature and Art housed at The State Library of New South Wales.
Horsham Regional Art Gallery 
Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
Canberra Museum and Gallery
National Library of Australia
National Gallery of Australia
Private collections in Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia

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Selected Professional Experience 
1996-2009 Sessional Lecturer, ANU, School of Art, Printmedia and Drawing Workshop 
2008/9 Visitor Services, National Museum of Australia
2006 Presented Artforum Lecture. Public lecture program by the ANU School of Art
2001, 2002, 2006, 2007 Teacher, National Gallery of Australia Summer Scholarship Program
Collaborative printer to Naminapu Maymuru White and Michael Maymuru, (Visiting Fellows, ANU)
1998 Lectured at the 3rd Australian Print Symposium at Studio One Inc ACT
1996-98 Teacher, Canberra Institute of Technology. 
1994-98 Teacher and Printer at Studio One Inc, ACT Editioned Emily Kame Kngwarreye and other 
Utopia Artists, Gary Shead, Treahna Hamm, Helen Geier, Gaye Paterson, Annie Franklin, Tiwi Artists
1979-82 Art Craft Teacher (Primary), Melbourne Victoria