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Marion Bitting, Alison Alder and Biddy Wodidj holding
Alison's son Tom at Palumpa airstrip in 1993

Alison Alder and Peggy Napangardi Jones at the opening of
Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre in Tennant Creek in 2003

Cutting History 2008/2009
paper cuts from screen printed paper
approx 3.5 metres by 2 metres
Read about the Cutting History exhibition

alison alder - cv

Alison Alder is currently on a Residency, Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk USA
and has won the Alice Prize, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, NT

2007 Master of Fine Arts (Research), Monash University
2002 Graduate Diploma Visual Arts, Monash University
1980 Diploma of Visual Arts, Canberra School of Art
2010 Cutting History: Australian Story, Kala Art Institute Project Space, Berkeley, USA
2009 Cutting History, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
2009 Carcass, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
2007 Outback, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
Out there and Outback, Switchback Gallery, Monash University, Vic
2004 Drink, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
2000 Road to Somewhere, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
1998 Kujurra Mampaly Nyirrila, with Peggy Jones, Araluen Centre, NT
1997 Kujurra Mampaly Nyirrila, with Peggy Jones, aGOG and Telegraph Stn, Tennant Creek NT
1995 Florals, aGOG, ACT
1991 A Country Show, aGOG, ACT
2010 Alice Prize, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, NT
2009 Making it New: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
2009 Paper Cuts, Araluen Centre, NT
2009 In Residence, Megalo Print Studio + Gallery, Canberra, ACT
2008 Artroom5, Adelaide, SA
2008 New Social Commentary 08, Warrnambool Art Gallery. Victoria
2008 Alice Prize, Araluen Centre, NT
2007 Myself by Myself, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
Nuclear Matters, Powerhouse Museum, NSW
2006 Alice Prize, Araluen Centre, NT
2004 Megalo 25 X 25, travelling through regional galleries
2003 Without Classification, John Curtin Gallery, John Curtin Uni, WA
2000 Triptych, Helen Maxwell Gallery, ACT
1996 Great Lengths, Araluen Centre, NT
1995 Out of Line, State Library of NSW
1993 Australian Poster Art, National Gallery of Australia, ACT
1992 The Lie of the Land, Powerhouse Museum, NSW
1990 Now We Are Ten, Redback Graphix Retrospective, Tin Sheds Gallery NSW & touring regional galleries
1988 Right Here Right Now, Tin Sheds Gallery NSW and Touring
1987 Shocking Diversity, Print Council of Australia and touring
1986 Redback Retrospective, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
1985 Working Art, Art Gallery of NSW
1982 Canberra School of Art Staff Exhibition, School of Art Gallery, ACT
The All Australia Poster Show, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
Australian Art of the Last Ten Years, Australian National Gallery
National Gallery of Australia
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery of WA
Australian War Memorial, ACT
Australian National Library, ACT
Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
Art Gallery of South Australia
Queensland Art Gallery
NSW State Library
Kerry Stokes Collection WA
Powerhouse Museum, NSW
Wollongong University, NSW
John Curtin University, WA
ACT Legislative Assembly
Old Parliament House, ACT
ACT Library
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, ACT
Megalo Print Studio, Canberra, ACT
Centre for Political Graphics, Los Angeles, USA
Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art, University of Western Australia
Canberra Museum & Art Gallery
Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery
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2010 Residency, Centre for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk USA
Alice Prize, winner, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, NT
2009 artsACT Project Grant
2008 Artist in Residence, Megalo Print Studio, Canberra
2007 Vice Chancellors Commendation for Masters Thesis Excellence, Monash University
2006 Monash University Postgraduate Academic Merit Scholarship
2004/05 Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Research Grant
1996/97 Australia Council for the Arts, International Year of Tolerance Fellowship
1997 ArtsNT Artists Grant
1987 Australia Council for the Arts, Community Arts Board Fellowship,
1984/85 Australia Council for the Arts, Trainee-Artist-in-the-Community



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