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Fragments of the Past Nos.1 and No.3, 2011
Slip cast ceramic, paper, glue and fabric/thread
9cm(h) x varied widths
Photo: Michal Kluvanek



Fragments of the Past Nos.5, 2011
Garnets, wood, glass and paper
"Garnet stones.
Mick's Grandpa H. got them up North,
thought they were rubies"
Photo: Michal Kluvanek



Kylie Waters maintains an art practice in Adelaide.

Kylie works with clay and found objects, often using or referencing objects that have been in her family for generations.
Her family history in Hermannsburg is of particular relevance to her work and has also been a stimulus to wider research.

In 2002 Kylie was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award and in 2003 completed a Master of Visual Arts (by research) at the University of South Australia.

Kylie has exhibited regularly in Melbourne and Adelaide since 1996, with her last solo exhibition in 2009, A Granddaughter's Response to her Grandfathers Collection at The South Australian Museum. Kylie recently exhibited new work in Home Stories at Adelaide Central Gallery and the Migration Museum. In this project she responded to collection items gifted by her family to the Migration Museum.

Kylie's new works employ historical objects such as garnets collected by her great-great grandfather (during time he spent up north in Central Australia ) and textiles created by her great grandmother, as well as postcards and pictures kept by her grandfather. These decorate Kylie's slip cast ceramic vessels.

In using the historical materials this way a link between past and present is created and the original beauty is highlighted.



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