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Makeda Duong
Affection, 2014
Cotton cross stitch on cotton, hand knitted lace
21 x 21 cm

Makeda Duong graduated from the South Australian School of Art in 2013 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts Specialising in textiles. Her work explores how home crafts such as knitting and embroidery intersect with the cultural construction of gender roles. Following on from her degree, in 2014 she was able to participate in a Helpmann Academy emerging artist’s mentorship with Adelaide artist Sera Waters. Since 2013 she has participated in several group exhibitions, some of these with the Chopped Collective, a group that formed as a response to the South Australian School of Art’s decision to cut the textiles specialisation from its visual arts course. In her first solo exhibition The Cursed Boyfriend Sweater in 2015, she explored the parallels between craft labour and emotional labour as feminine burdens in contemporary domestic relationships. Her current focus is on myths about the female reproductive system and pelvic pain conditions in women, such as vulvodynia.

makeda duong - cv

2016 Successful Completion of NAVA Arts Business Basics Course
2011 - 2013 Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Textiles - University of South Australia, South Australian School of Art, Adelaide, SA
2014 Helpmann Academy Emerging Artists Mentorship with Sera Waters
2015 The Cursed Boyfriend Sweater, Urban Cow Studio, Adelaide SA – November
2017 (Upcoming) Disperse – Urban Cow Studio, Adelaide SA – October
2017 (Upcoming) FRAN Fest @ Artroom5 – Artroom5, Adelaide SA - August – September
2017 From Street Exhibition – Urban Cow Studio, Adelaide SA - March
2015 Diverse Feminisms – West Bar, UniSA City West Campus, Adelaide SA – September
2015 Crossing Threads - Carclew Foyer, Adelaide SA – July – August
2014 Feminine Strands – Metropolitan Hotel, Adelaide SA -September
2014 Chopped Collective Presents: Chopping SALA – Adelaide City Library, Adelaide SA - August
2013 Full Circle, University of South Australia Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide SA - December
2013 Dis-Em-Body, West Bar, UniSA City West Campus, Adelaide SA – November
2013 Craft/Work, South West Community Centre, Adelaide SA – June - July
2013 Chopped, The Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide SA – March
2016 Displayed artworks at Intersections: 3rd Annual Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference as a featured artist – September
2015 Short talk on artwork as part of Elizabeth Emery’s presentation ‘Diverse Feminisms: Contemporary Feminist Practices in Visual Art’ at Transgressions: 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference – Septembe
  Perri Sophie, ‘Exhibition Craft/Work on show at South West Community Centre on Sturt St, Adelaide’, City Messenger, 2013
  Radio Adelaide 2014, ‘Art or craft? Textiles chopped from SA study’ Online podcast of radio interview, broadcast 16/03/2013, University of Adelaide
  Collage, Adelaide University Art History Club 2017, ‘Artist Spotlight #65: Makeda Duong’, online blog post of interview, posted 19/04/2017


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